PAC Codes

Get your PAC Code NOW Using text-to-switch, you can keep your mobile phone number when switching to another mobile phone network

What are PAC Codes?

PAC Codes (or porting authorisation codes) allow mobile phone customers to transfer (port) their existing mobile phone number from one mobile phone network provider to another mobile phone network and keep their existing mobile phone number. The process is termed mobile number portability (or MNP) and for this process, you require a PAC Code. It is quick and very easy to do - follow the instructions above for full details on how to transfer (port) your mobile phone number to another mobile phone network.

Getting your PAC Code using text-to-switch

Get your PAC Code in ONE MINUTE:

From July 2019, obtaining your PAC code is even easier. Using text-to-switch, you can immediately obtain and use your PAC code when switching mobile phone provider. You no longer need to call your current provider - customers were often frustrated by their current providers' unwanted attempts to persuade them to stay.

IMPORTANT: You can sign up to a new contract with another mobile phone network before requesting your PAC Code however you should not terminate your mobile phone contract until you have requested and used your PAC Code. If you fail to observe this, then you will potentially lose your existing mobile phone number.

PAC Codes are FREE. There is no charge for requesting PAC Codes.

To keep your mobile phone number when switching to another mobile phone network, use our handy tool to obtain your PAC Code. Just select your current and new mobile phone network, click OK and you will receive full instructions for obtaining your PAC code.