PAC Codes

Get your PAC Code NOW and Switch to EE Switch to EE and keep your mobile phone number using text-to-switch

Switching to EE

If you want to switch to EE and keep your current mobile telephone number you will need a PAC code (porting authorisation code) from your current mobile telephone network operator. This will allow you to transfer (port) your existing mobile phone number to EE .

Getting your PAC Code is simple and quick.

We have full instructions for obtaining your PAC Code. You can use our handy tool to get full instructions for obtaining your PAC Code and using it to switch to EE .

Why Switch to EE ?

Switching to EE is likely to save you money!

The EE network gives you the biggest 4G coverage in the UK and if you choose an EE 4GEE Max plan, you will also benefit from the fastest speeds. By 2020, EE hope to achieve 95% UK landmass coverage with their network.

EE also offer free Apple Music, giving you 6 months of Apple Music with access to millions of songs, playlists and recommendations plus the data to stream it - all on EE. You can also add your family to your account and dish out sprae EE data to whoever you want!

EE are committed to keeping you connected in even more places so wherever there is WiFi, you can call and text using EE.

To prevent you going over your data allowance by accident, EE offer data caps so you will always be in control of your spending.

If you take EE Home Broadband, then you can boost your EE mobile data by up to 20GB a month.

EE Student Deal - If you are in full-time education you can get 20% off a phone, SIM-only or mobile broadband contract with EE. On top of that, they will give you an extra 500MB of data for free, each and every month!

EE are also bringing you the best live action with the BT Sport app - and letting you watch it on your TV as well as your phone. Simply cast the game from your EE phone to your telly using Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Then you can enjoy some of the biggest footballing events, as well as BT Sport Fight Night Live boxing, MotoGP race days, cricket, American sports and lots more. Courtesy of EE. And best of all, with EE, you get the first three months of access to the app with casting free.

As mobile phone technology improves and becomes cheaper, and with increased competition among the mobile phone network operators, the result is cheaper mobile phone tariffs. If you want to move from your current mobile phone network to EE you will be able to keep your mobile phone number - you will need a PAC Code.

Take advantage of the latest EE mobile phone tariffs and take advantage of the fact that you can keep your existing mobile phone number, saving you money, time and effort updating contacts with a new number.

We know your mobile phone number is important to you. So take it with you when you switch to EE .

How to Transfer your Mobile Phone Number to EE

Transferring your mobile phone number to EE is now even easier thanks to the new Ofcom rule Text-to-Switch. You still need a PAC Code, however, you can get your PAC Code by sending a free text message to your current provider. Simply use our handy PAC Code tool for a simple step-by-step guide to sending your text (which is free), receiving your PAC Code and transferring your number to a new mobile phone provider.

You no longer need to speak with your current provider's customer services (or retention team) - unless of course you want to - if you think they will offer you a deal that you cannot refuse to stay with them!

Latest News and Offers from EE

More perks added to EE

The Video Data Pass with EE is relatively new and means you can stream content in the UK and EU countries on selected apps without using any of your EE plan allowance.

EE have made the plan even better by adding both BBC iPlayer and Youtube! EE also say that more apps will be added over time.

You can add the EE Video Data Pass to your plan at a cost as it would be an add-on by logging on to My EE and on to Plans, Swappables and add-ons. Or, you can select the Video Pass as your Swappable Benefit of you have an eligible Smart plan on My EE.
Otherwise, the Pass is £8.99 per month which will be added to your monthly bill.

To get more of these fantastic perks with EE, use our handy tool now to keep your mobile number when you switch to EE.