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News Home Page Wednesday 19 June 2019
The Video Data Pass with EE is relatively new and means you can stream content in the UK and EU countries on selected apps without using any of your EE plan allowance.

EE have made the plan even better by adding both BBC iPlayer and Youtube! EE also say that more apps will be added over time.

You can add the EE Video Data Pass to your plan at a cost as it would be an add-on by logging on to My EE and on to Plans, Swappables and add-ons. Or, you can select the Video Pass as your Swappable Benefit of you have an eligible Smart plan on My EE.
Otherwise, the Pass is £8.99 per month which will be added to your monthly bill.

To get more of these fantastic perks with EE, use our handy tool now to keep your mobile number when you switch to EE.

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