PAC Codes

Get your PAC Code NOW and Switch to Vodafone Switch to Vodafone and keep your mobile phone number

Switching to Vodafone

If you want to switch to Vodafone and keep your current mobile telephone number you will need a PAC code (porting authorisation code) from your current mobile telephone network operator. This will allow you to transfer (port) your existing mobile phone number to Vodafone .

Getting your PAC Code is simple and quick.

We have full instructions for obtaining your PAC Code. You can use our handy tool to get full instructions for obtaining your PAC Code and using it to switch to Vodafone .

Why Switch to Vodafone ?

Switching to Vodafone is likely to save you money!

Voted mobile network of the year by Trusted Reviews for two years running, Vodafone offers a range of packages including pay monthly, SIM-only, and mobile broadband.

Vodafone is the only UK network to guarantee your satisfaction for 30 days with their Network Satisfaction Guarantee. Plus, you can also see if the Vodafone service is right for you with the Vodafone 30-day Service Guarantee.

Vodafone also offer two years on entertainment on them - to enjoy throughout your Vodafone contract - choose from unmissable movies, music, TV or sports from leading brands. And with no roaming charges in 77 destinations worldwide, including the USA, Canada and Australia, Vodafone really does pack a punch.

And when ordering online with Vodafone, order by 10pm and you will get a free next day delivery or click and collect.

As mobile phone technology improves and becomes cheaper, and with increased competition among the mobile phone network operators, the result is cheaper mobile phone tariffs. If you want to move from your current mobile phone network to Vodafone you will be able to keep your mobile phone number - you will need a PAC Code.

Take advantage of the latest Vodafone mobile phone tariffs and take advantage of the fact that you can keep your existing mobile phone number, saving you money, time and effort updating contacts with a new number.

We know your mobile phone number is important to you. So take it with you when you switch to Vodafone .

Latest News and Offers from Vodafone

Vodafone to launch 5G on 3rd July

5G is the newest generation of mobile networking, following 4G, 3G etc. 5G brings faster and more reliable outdoor coverage to your device.
5G with Vodafone will be faster than your home Wi-Fi speed, considerably reduce buffering, give you reliable data and call connections and gives you the chance to live through 5G-enabled healthcare, smart buildings and safer spaces.

Vodafone 5G will launch in seven UK cities on 3rd July:
Later in the year, Vodafone will launch 5G in Birkenhead, Blackpool, Guildford, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Newbury, Plymouth, Stoke-on-Trent, Southampton, Wolverhampton and Warrington.

In order to get 5G with Vodafone, you will need a 5G ready plan and a 5G device to connect (as well as being in a 5G covered area!)

Some of the 5G devices Vodafone are offering include:
-Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
-Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G
-Huawei Mate 20X
-Huawei Mate X

To get the latest technology to be 5G ready, use our handy tool now to keep your mobile number when you switch to Vodafone.