PAC Codes

Get your PAC Code NOW and Switch to VOXI Switch to VOXI and keep your mobile phone number

Switching to VOXI

If you want to switch to VOXI and keep your current mobile telephone number you will need a PAC code (porting authorisation code) from your current mobile telephone network operator. This will allow you to transfer (port) your existing mobile phone number to VOXI .

Getting your PAC Code is simple and quick.

We have full instructions for obtaining your PAC Code. You can use our handy tool to get full instructions for obtaining your PAC Code and using it to switch to VOXI .

Why Switch to VOXI ?

Switching to VOXI is likely to save you money!

VOXI is tailored to under 30s so you can only join if you are in that age group (under 30 years old).

VOXI is the mobile network built for endless possibilities - endless social media, endless felxibility, endless calls and talks and endless roaming.

Endless means unlimited use, so you can enjoy your favourite social apps without eating your VOXI data. No more waiting to find WiFi before watching your stories, you can snap, post, chat and swipe whenever you like without worrying about using up your VOXI data.

VOXI's flexible monthly plans keep you in control so you are free to change, pause or cancel your plan anytime. Even if you buy a phone with VOXI, this flexibility still applies and you are not tied into your VOXI plan.

With VOXI you get unlimited calls, texts and picture messages to UK numbers and you can use your VOXI plan at no extra cost in 48 countries in the VOXI European Zone. All of your calls, texts and data will work as normal - including your endless social media.

There are no bill shocks with VOXI - you only pay for the cost of your plan plus any extras you choose. VOXI is powered by Vodafone so you will always get the fast, reliable network you need, at home and abroad.

You can even turn your VOXI mobile into a personal hotspot to share your data with other devices.

As mobile phone technology improves and becomes cheaper, and with increased competition among the mobile phone network operators, the result is cheaper mobile phone tariffs. If you want to move from your current mobile phone network to VOXI you will be able to keep your mobile phone number - you will need a PAC Code.

Take advantage of the latest VOXI mobile phone tariffs and take advantage of the fact that you can keep your existing mobile phone number, saving you money, time and effort updating contacts with a new number.

We know your mobile phone number is important to you. So take it with you when you switch to VOXI .

Latest News and Offers from VOXI

VOXI are giving away freebies!

The new Vodafone mobile network, VOXI, which is aimed at under 30s now has a rewards program available to all of their customers. VOXI Drop promises exclusive perks and offers on all things from food to fashion to festivals!

Every month, VOXI will release a new Drop, including this month! The first VOXI drop is a free Time Out More card, which retails at £29.99. This card gets you food offers, free drinks and more in restaurants around the UK. The VOXI drop also includes more perks that you can get if you are a VOXI customer!

If you’re already a VOXI customer, you can access all the offers by logging in to your online account and once you’re in, you’ll see the new VOXI Drop button.