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New iPhone XS 2018 release date, price & specs

News Home Page Friday 14 September 2018
Apple has, after many rumours and some last-minute leaks, unveiled its iPhones for 2018, and pre-orders have begun.

You have three upgrade choices this year: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Apple has built upon the iPhone X rather than updating the iPhone 8. So new and old models look the same at a glance.You can consider the XS the direct upgrade from the X, but the XS Max adds a brand new option with the biggest screen yet seen on an iPhone at 6.5 inches.

Yes, you read that right: not XS Plus, but XS Max. We're into the second decade of iPhone now, so it's reasonable that Apple wants to change its naming strategy. It says it's because the screen is bigger than the 5.5 inch display on an iPhone Plus, but it's also because it is extending its vision of what the iPhone X started. Jonny Ive's words, those, not ours.

Most people are likely to pronounce it "excess" rather than "ten ess", but the latter is the correct way of course.

Here are highlights of the new features:

A12 Bionic processorIP68 rated
Updated 12Mp cameras
Adjustable depth of field in photos
512GB storage option

iPhone XS and XS Max prices - What will they cost you?

iPhone XS (5.8 inch):
64GB - £999 ($999)
256Gb - £1149 ($1149)
512Gb - £1349 ($1349)

Available in Gold Silver and Space Grey

iPohne XS Max (6.5 inch):
64GB - £1099 ($1099)
256Gb - £1249 ($1249)
512Gb - £1449 ($1449)

Release date and pre-orders

The new phones, both XS and XS Max, are available to pre-order now, and the first units will ship on 21 September.

You can pre-order via the networks and resellers listed below:
BT Mobile
Sky Mobile
Virgin Mobile
Carphone Warehouse

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