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CMLink - China Mobile offers UK Mobile Network

News Home Page Sunday 30 December 2018
CMLink is a relatively new mobile phone network in the UK offering high speed 4G coverage using the EE network. CMLink is an MVNO - a mobile virtual network operator.

CMLink customers can expect free or low cost calls to China with inclusive roaming when travelling to China or Hong Kong. It is aimed specifically at the Chinese market and those who travel to China regularly.

In terms of subscribers, China Mobile, who operate CMLink, are the world's largest mobile network in terms of subscribers.

CMLink offers free phone calls to more than 900 million China Mobile customers in mainland China - giving you up to 1000 minutes per month.

CMLink are also offering CM Numbers Link - basically, if you have a China Mobile phone number that is based in mainland China, you can use the CM Numbers Link service to get your phone calls and text messages forwarded to your CMLink UK number. This will allow CMLink customers to access Chinese applications and websoites that require your phone number to be based in mainland China.

CMLink's CM Number Link also simplifies things for friends, family and colleagues located in China, making it easier for them to contact you.

If you are considering joining CMLink, and you want to keep your existing UK mobile phone number, you will need a PAC Code - use our handy tool to get your PAC Code now and switch to CMLink keeping your existing mobile phone number.

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