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Get the UK’s lowest priced SIM with iD Mobile

News Home Page Sunday 20 January 2019
iD Mobile offer the UK’s cheapest SIM-only plan. The deal is £3.99 p/m and includes 500MB of data, 150 minutes and unlimited texts. This deal is perfect for all of you who like to text a lot.

For all iD Mobile plans, your unused data automatically ‘rolls over’ to the next month, giving you another opportunity to use it up. Or, if you find yourself using too much, you can cap your plan for free so you don’t more data than you can afford.
Also, another great feature of iD Mobile is all plans come with inclusive EU roaming so you can use up your monthly allowance when you’re in the 50 destinations specified.

This £3.99 deal is a bargain too good to be missed. If you want to grab it and keep your mobile number, get your Pac Code now using our handy tool and switch to iD Mobile.

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