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All you need to know about 5G

News Home Page Sunday 19 May 2019
What is 5G?
5G is the fifth generation of mobile network technology, following 4G, 3G etc. Although it is the new and improved technology, it does not replace 4G, just adds another benefit to a network to provide faster, smoother and an all-round better experience on your mobile.

Where will we get 5G?
Different networks, such as EE and Vodafone are placing their 5G in some different places, but cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham will all have it. Throughout the year, the networks are planning on adding 5G to more places.

What are some of the benefits of 5G?
-Better connection in busy areas
-Instant internet connection
-Faster internet speeds
-Better quality and resolution

Do we have to get a new 5G phone?
Yes. So you can access 5G, you will need to upgrade your phone to a 5G compatible device.

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