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EE win the 5G race

News Home Page Wednesday 22 May 2019
EE announced that their launch date for 5G will be 30th May 2019, more than a month sooner than Vodafone.
This means that EE will provide the UK with the first, complete 5G service, even though not many people will actually be using it yet!

EE will be covering the UK’s four capital cities first- London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast- as well as Birmingham and Manchester. Then, throughout the course of 2019, EE will add 5G to ten more cities- Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, Coventry, Hull, Leicester, Newcastle and Sheffield.

You can shop EE range of devices and plans now and use our handy tool so you can keep you mobile number when you switch to 5G with EE !

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